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Welcome to Network CN Inc. ("NCN"), a unique growth company with media in China and common stock traded on the U.S. Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol "NWCN." Our culture, our strategy and the boom in China's media industries are our major driver. We know that success depends on providing excellent service and excellence is the ...

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Gala Dinner

NWCN is hot in the US stock market!

Recently, NWNC becomes one of the hottest stock in the US stock market. It is because many investors showed their interest on it. Futhermore, many mainstream media such as Yahoo posted NWCN's news and profile report on their website.

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NWCN held a “Cocktail party” in Shanghai to introduce 2013 new projects

CEO of NWCN, Earnest Leung introduced NCN 2013 new projects to clients
NWCN hosted a “Cocktail party” on December 20, 2012. We invited our valuable customers and business partners to join our party. Earnest Leung, NWCN’s Chief Executive Officer introduced NWCN 2013 new projects. The cocktail party also served as an opportunity to thank our customers and business partner for their support.

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NWCN is on the Radio!

 NWCN’s CEO, Earnest was recently on interview on radio shows “Business TalkRadio Network – Stu Taylor on Business & Equity Strategies”, hosted by Stu Taylor. The shows were on the Radio on October 20,2012 at 8:00pm (EST) and November 20, 2012 at 8:30 pm (EST)

Network CN is taking its social responsibility for the Sichuan earthquake.Gala Dinner

Network CN is taking action in response to China’s devastating 8.0 earthquake.  We have programmed our network of LED billboards and LCD panels in Beijing to periodically display earthquake news and donation pledge information.  We are also reserving air time on our network for government authorities to use in coordinating response efforts. 

NCN Media sponsored the opening Gala dinner of masterpieces of the 19th Century European paintings from the Perez Simon Collection Presented by NCN Media.Gala Dinner

At the March 28, 2008 gala dinner marking the opening of the Pérez Simón Collection, the Guest of Honor, benefactor and leading art collector Sr. Juan Antonio Pérez Simón (center), is flanked by Network CN’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer (the former Chief Executive Officer) Godfrey Hui (left) and Ms. Limei Wang (right), Director of the Beijing World Art Museum. The tremendously successful gala dinner celebrated the Beijing World Art Museum debut of 100 19th Century masterworks of European painting. This uniquely rich and beautiful collection, rarely seen by the public, will be displayed in various cities in China during the coming year. Network CN, Inc. is proud to support this opportunity for the public to enjoy the artistry of over 40 of Europe’s most influential, accomplished painters.

NCN held two promotional conferences in Beijing and Shanghai to introduce the first phase of its media network.promotional conference

Attendees of Network CN's Phase 1 network promotional dinners in March 2008 received an advance look at one of the most exciting advertising opportunities ever to be launched in China.